Lollipop Cream Toy Show

Lollipop Cream ShowLollipop Cream Show

Lollipop Cream Toy Show

In this 4 song show one of our stunning girls will strip nude and give the stag a lap dance. Next comes the whipped cream; watch as she squirts it on herself and the stag, getting him to help her lick it off. This gets messy!


Full on front and back door views with the finale being a lollipop used in place of a toy. The stag gets the lollipop at the end if he has been a good boy. Guaranteed to please!


 4 out of 5 Stars (1 Reviews)


from Mount Maunganui,

She put on a great show

I had a great experience with Kiwi Strippers, thank you for supplying our stag party with a dancer, we really enjoyed the entertainment. We all agreed that the lollipop cream toy show is the best show we've ever seen!