Terms & Conditions of Booking

1. Your Agreement with The Hen Co
To book an activity with The Hen Co you must place a non-refundable $100 plus GST ($115) deposit or a 25% deposit to secure your booking as specified by your Hen Co consultant.

By placing this deposit you confirm the accuracy of all information provided and accept these terms and conditions on behalf of yourselves and anyone else in your party. The agreement between yourself and The Hen Co only comes into existence once your booking has been formally acknowledged via email by The Hen Co.

Unless you advise us to the contrary we will assume that every member is over the minimum age requirement for that activity. Unless you contact The Hen Co in writing within 24 hours of receiving The Hen Co’s email acceptance, you will be deemed to have agreed to the contract terms. The terms and conditions and general information constitute the entire agreement between you and The Hen Co.

2. Payment to The Hen Co
The balance of your booking must be paid 21 days prior to the date of booking. Failure to make this payment the deposit will be retained and The Hen Co may consider the booking cancelled.

If you book an activity within 21 days of the date of the booking, the full cost of the activity is immediately payable. All credit card payments will be subject to a 5% processing surcharge. Some events have minimum group sizes and this will reflect in the cost of your package should your group size fall below these numbers.

Under all circumstances; all deposits, part payments, full payments, instalments, activities, purchases, administration charges, service fees, surcharges are non refundable and non transferable.

Any errors or over payments on the booking, or monies returned due to overpayment will be subject to a $3 administration fee per cheque. Any payments by The Hen Co will be via cheque.

3. The Hen Co Package Prices
The price of the activity is as detailed on the website. Prices and descriptions shown are correct at the time of being loaded but please note that the prices may be subject to change. Booking more than one activity may result in a discount price being issued on the whole package. These discounts may only apply when paying for the whole package. If you decide to partake in only certain aspects of the package you will/may not be able to take advantage of these discounts. All prices are inclusive of GST.

4. Insurance
The Hen Co is fully insured in respect of public liability and professional indemnity risk in the event of negligent bodily injury, property damage or financial loss.

5. General
Despite our suppliers being aware of the nature and likely intent of hen groups, you are expected to respect your environment and other people around you. All suppliers have every right to terminate, without notice, your stay or activity under threat of vandalism, violence or any other behaviour deemed inappropriate by them. In such cases all insurances will be invalidated and you will not have any entitlement to a refund of any kind whatsoever. We accept no liability for any accident or misadventure that occurs while any of your group is under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Please also be aware that some hotels may require a behaviour ‘bond’ to be placed on hold with a credit card or cash, upon check in. We will do our upmost to give you prior notice where this may be applicable. The term “centrally located hotel” means up to a 10-15 minute drive from the designated city/town centre.

We always try to place groups in twin rooms where available however if these are not available you may be in triple or quad rooms.

6. Cancellation of your Hen Weekend
If The Hen Co changes or cancels an activity that has been booked, you can choose an alternative activity or any monies paid by you will be returned in full excluding the initial deposit. In the event of an alternative event / activity being booked at a different price to that cancelled then an appropriate refund or further payment will be made as applicable. If we are unable to provide any event or service due to any reason beyond our control, a replacement will be found.

In the event of you cancelling for whatever reason a booked activity with The Hen Co, you must do so in by phoning and emailing as soon as possible, in cancelling the booking within this period you will forfeit any deposit paid to us. Furthermore, in the event of cancelling the whole reservation more than 21 days before the event date, any monies already paid will also be non-refundable. In the event of cancellation 21 or fewer days before the activity / event the entire cost shall be payable. The Hen Co will not be responsible for the cancellation of any event due to force majeure.

If any payments have been made up to the final payment date as detailed in your booking confirmation and we do not hear from the group leader the booking will be closed off with these figures. After this date if we do not hear from the group leader within 3 weeks of the weekend date we will be forced to cancel the weekend in respect of our suppliers and any payments made to said supplier prior to this date will be non-refundable. The suppliers may then fill your allocated slots at their discretion. All monies at this stage will be non-refundable and to re-establish the booking you must place a further deposit and the full booking cost.

In the event of an extension on your final payment date, all payments received on your booking up to the original final payment date and new final payment date are non-refundable.

7. The Hen Co Complaints Policy
If you have a complaint regarding any aspect of the activity/event, you must communicate your complaint to the supplier of the service concerned at the earliest opportunity and also contact The Hen Co to let us know of your complaint. If you do not inform the supplier of the service as well as The Hen Co as soon as possible, at least within 48 hours of the complaint occurring, The Hen Co will not be responsible for the complaint. If the complaint has not been dealt with to your satisfaction before your return home, then you must make a complaint to The Hen Co in writing no less than 28 days after your return from the activity/event. If you do not comply with the complaints procedure, The Hen Co will not be responsible for your complaint.

8. Alterations to Bookings
If you wish to add further group members to the booking after the due date for final payment, as stated in the “booking confirmation”, you will be subject to a $20 charge per change or addition. Please note that requested changes or additions may not always be possible, we will however make every effort to accommodate you. If you wish to change the date of a booking after placing a deposit there will be a charge of $75. The charge of $75 for changing the weekend date supersedes the $20 described above.

9. Age Restrictions and Limits
It is not down to us, the agency, to ensure all members of your party are of an age to participate in all activities. The group leader takes this responsibility when booking and must ensure all members of their party are over 18 years of age. If this is not the case and some members of your party fall into this age category, please check with us that the events you book can accommodate the younger members of your party. If this is not checked prior to your booking and you encounter problems during your weekend, The Hen Co cannot be made responsible. Some of our activities may not be participated in due to height / weight / pregnancy / disability / medical restrictions. It is your responsibility to ask us if there are any of the aforementioned restrictions regarding any events you may have booked with The Hen Co. Failure to do so may result in group members not being able to participate in certain events and The Hen Co will not be held responsible and will not provide a refund in these circumstanc